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La Queue De Cheval Steakhouse

La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse is one of the ultimate steakhouse destinations in the world. As the crown jewel of the Morentzos Restaurant Group, the “Q” encapsulates divine excellence at every instant of a patron’s dining experience.


La Queue de Cheval needed a new video to dress up their website. Peter Mortentzos, the owner, didn’t want any of those dull restaurant videos. It had to be a visual experience that would make the audience drool. Forget the generic image of customers laughing and cheering around a table. This video needed to properly honor the food and the over-the-top experience that one can only find at La Queue de Cheval. It had to awake the senses and stimulate desire. And that’s exactly what we delivered. A drool-worthy video portrait, filled with close-ups of impossibly juicy steaks and mouthwatering seafood. This is what dreams are made of.

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