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Located in Marlton, in the suburb of Philadelphia in the United States, Aistriu is a specialty sports retailer for cycling, skiing, snowboarding and running. Aistriu is distinguished by the quality of the service, the customer experience and the wide variety of products they offer.

Travel, filming, editing and delivery in less than 5 days.

In January 2018, we travelled to Philadelphia to produce a TV commercial for Aistriu, a sporting goods store. Since the client had received a last-minute offer for visibility during the 2018 X-Games, we only had a week to go to Philadelphia, do the filming, return to Quebec, do the editing, record the narration and make sure to deliver the commercial according to the TV channel standards. Another great challenge for the team!

Unfortunately, we do not have permission to publish the commercial on the internet, however here’s some small inserts:

The owner, happy with the success of the ad, asked us to come back the following summer to do another commercial, but this time for road and mountain bikes. You can watch it here bellow :

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