Literie Laurier

Master mattress-maker since 1938. As a well-established mattress and box spring manufacturer for over 75 years, Literie Laurier’s success comes from the exceptional quality of their products and their outstanding service.

Literie Laurier aims to constantly innovate and be recognized as the best. The Harlequin Collection, their flagship line of products, is a reflection of the passion that inhabits them and makes them different. From this collection comes the ultimate creation, the long-awaited result of 80 years of expertise: the Virtuose collection.

"Faites quelque chose de dynamique"

In the process of trying to make their products known, as they deserved to be, they experienced with homemade videos, which made them realize the great potential of video. They also realized, however, that low-quality videos have a negative impact on brand perception. For this reason, they reached out to us last September and asked us to produce a handful of short and high-quality videos that they could use to showcase their top lines of products: the Harlequin and Virtuose collections.

Their requirement was to create something exciting that would keep the viewer’s attention. They also asked us to integrate dynamic motion graphics highlighting their products’ key features. Apart from that, we had “carte blanche”.

Here’s the result!

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